Unlike any other in Australia


Stacked Poker

Date UpdatedSunday, 18 September 2022
Total Individual Players84
Total Cash Paid$1,028,005

Player Cashes

Player NameTotal Earnings
Matt Dapollonio$80,810.00
Joe Sandaev$80,200.00
Andrew Michael$72,800.00
Roman Priplotski$72,100.00
Michael Haddad$55,400.00
Adam Cusenza$40,750.00
Arron Beattie$40,000.00
Nathan Glase$35,100.00
Max Chea$27,250.00
Abhey Rai$25,000.00
Emmanuel Seal$26,550.00
Jacy Che$22,900.00
Tin Khac Nguyen$25,530.00
Mick Lemaca$20,870.00
Joel Wiliams$19,000.00
Emmanuel Derechio$17,500.00
Shane Webb$16,900.00
Brett Marshall$15,000.00
Lionel Seah$14,650.00
Chris Edgar$13,600.00
Casey Grout$13,000.00
Gavin Best$12,900.00
Mike Gainer$12,200.00
Huey Lam$10,700.00
Alex Markopoulos$10,000.00
Kim Nguyen$10,000.00
Loc Duong$10,000.00
Amir Choudry$9,800.00
Pip Chea$9,300.00
Jamie Brown$9,000.00
Andrew Brittain$8,000.00
Kit Manuel$8,000.00
Scott Calcagno$7,700.00
Rosario Lepro$7,575.00
Nebjosa Blanusa$7,300.00
Nick Williams$7,000.00
Sofal Chea$6,500.00
Steven Shi$6,100.00
Jonathan Karamlikis$5,500.00
Francesco Sergi$5,000.00
Michael Mariakis$5,000.00
Kylea Trewin$4,800.00
Damien Mills$4,550.00
Jin Ho$4,500.00
Nick Morales$4,400.00
Chris Coloneri$4,000.00
Eddie Saade$4,000.00
Obie Blanusa$4,000.00
Alex Gibbons$3,100.00
Jon Stark$3,000.00
Troy Pellaschiar$3,000.00
Adam Lutley$2,900.00
Frank Pezzaniti$2,300.00
Van Vlassis$1,800.00
Mitch Lewis$1,650.00
Shane Cosenza$1,600.00
Gustavo Angel$1,500.00
Scott Hansen$2,500.00
Nick Pangopoulos$1,300.00
Daniel Flynn$1,250.00
Mata Ye$1,200.00
Chris Parker$1,000.00
Jin Li$1,000.00
Sergio Cavaiuolo$1,000.00
Tony Way$1,000.00
Brendan Murrell$8,350.00
David Ewing$590.00
Jacob Hull$720.00
Dung Tran$1,000.00
Shane Baxter$1,900.00
Amin Chehade$2,700.00
Bahri Ozbireicik$4,500.00
Jerry Zhang$5,000.00
Ben Tiew$2,000.00
Jason Beard$1,650.00
Brandon Cluse$3,000.00
Milan Mehta$7,000.00
Ben Smith$3,500.00
Rajat Sidana$5,000.00
Pierce Hynes$2,700.00
Andy Ngo$7,400.00
Alex D-Y$1,800.00
Gary Lin$860.00

Latest Results

TournamentMain EventMonday, October 10, 2022
Entries: 192Total Prize Pool$273,715.00
1Joe Sandaev$71,000.00
2Chris Edgar$45,000.00
3Damiano Aloi$26,000.00
4Scott Calcagno$20,500.00
5Roman Priplotski$17,000.00
6Weng Wong$14,350.00
7Adam Cusenza$11,600.00
8Pip Chea$8,900.00
9Evan Tsirgiotis$6,850.00
10Hayden Russell$4,800.00
11Jarred Graham$4,800.00
12Frank Pez$4,800.00
13Chris Parker$4,100.00
14Armon van Wijk$4,100.00
15Lionel Seah$4,100.00
16Pierce Hynes$3,420.00
17Thomas Hubbard$3,420.00
18Benji Fono$3,420.00
19Alex Pink Shorts$2,740.00
20Blake Duessen$2,740.00
21Bill Da Croc$2,740.00
22Colin Carpenter$2,445.00
23Jacob Lock$2,445.00
24Bunteon Bok$2,445.00

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